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Activated Charcoal Face and Body Buttermilk Soap

Activated Charcoal Face and Body Buttermilk Soap

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Now with Earth Clay | Unscented 

When it comes to skincare, this bar checks the list for dealing with oily skin and detoxifying. So many benefits with activated charcoal with added earth clay. We look for it to become a best seller and we’ll keep it in stock for your bath and beauty routine

Additionally, Buttermilk soaps provide deep cleansing with skin loving and soothing lather ideal for eczema, psoriasis, acne prone, sensitive to normal skin types.

Great natural exfoliant Brighten my skin Fade brown spots Help even skin tone Helps deeply cleanse Nourish the skin Control and prevent acne Natural exfoliant Gently remove dead skin cells Helps prevent acne Keep pores clear Maintain skin’s moisture Rejuvenate the skin Smoother glowing complexion Smooth skin texture Beauty products Remove dark marks Sunburn relief Buttermilk is lower in fat high in potassium vitamin B12 silky creamy lather perfect for sensitive skin vitamins minerals proteins