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Sea Breeze with Aloe the Family Bar

Sea Breeze with Aloe the Family Bar

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Sea Breeze is our No2 best seller because it’s the family bar.  No one can resist burst of citrus and eucalyptus followed by soothing mint fragrance blend. Stock linen closet for showers of fresh breezes. 

Aloe Vera Bath recipe made with saponified olive, coconut, and castor oils provide fluffy deep cleaning and skin nourishing lather. 

Available in single, three pack, and loaf options. Auto-ship available.

Colored with micas and titanium dioxide.

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Great natural exfoliant Brighten my skin Fade brown spots Help even skin tone Helps deeply cleanse Nourish the skin Control and prevent acne Natural exfoliant Gently remove dead skin cells Helps prevent acne Keep pores clear Maintain skin’s moisture Rejuvenate the skin Smoother glowing complexion Smooth skin texture Beauty products Remove dark marks Sunburn relief Buttermilk is lower in fat high in potassium vitamin B12 silky creamy lather perfect for sensitive skin vitamins minerals proteins